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Michael Raisch, Owner

Michael Raisch has been teaching and dancing for over 35 years. Throughout his career he has won numerous awards as a teacher, dancer and studio owner. As a dancer he holds titles as International Latin Champion, American Smooth Champion and United States Bronze medalist in American Rhythm to name a few. He is an adjudicator for the National Council of Dance and the World Dance Council.

Michael is known for his high energy and dedication to his students. He has the ability to take the most complicated dance movement and break it down so that it is easily understood and applied, while making the process so much fun. 


Michael has owned successful dance studios throughout his career but never in Saint Petersburg- his home of 15 years.  He is thrilled to have the opportunity to share his passion of dance and teaching with clients of St. Pete Dance and his community.


Denise Stultz

Denise was born in Michigan where she started dancing at the age of two. She trained in all forms of dance such as Ballet, Tap and Scottish Highland Dance. It didn’t take Denise long before she became a state champion and certified instructor in Highland Dance. Denise fell in love with Ballroom dancing winning numerous awards in several styles. Competing in Theatre Arts, American Rhythm and American Smooth she became a United States finalist and the undefeated South Eastern Theatrical Champion. Denise won many top teacher awards and managed and owned some of the most successful studios in the country.

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